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Welcome to my photo site!

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I hope you enjoy and enjoy my photographs.

I am always in search of knowledge and improvement so that I can deliver the best result in the photos produced.

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Decorate your environment with Exclusive Photos

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Fine Art decorative items for environments.

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Photos Author

Author photographs printed on Fine Art support for decoration of environments.

See more copyright photos available and purchase your painting on my Online Gallery


Photos Sights

Photographs of Landscapes for decoration of environments.

See more landscape pictures available and purchase your painting on my Online Gallery

Photographer | Saquarema | Rio de Janeiro

Anyway, did you like the style and want photography like that?

Currently, we live in a critical moment due to the pandemic, however, we cannot stop. So, to take your photos, we must (together) take care of ourselves. Therefore, it is advisable that we follow these recommendations:

Protection mask required when not being photographed

During all the time, I use protection mask and alcohol gel

Service options
- I make available on my website, an exclusive access area with password so that you can choose and download your photos
- However, when requesting a printed photo or photo album, I ensure all biosafety precautions

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